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   I began this series of drawings as my life seemed to be slipping away. At the time, I did not realize Ulcerative Colitis was slowly taking over my focus, energy and everything else about me. Without stamina, the act of creating art seemed daunting, especially creating large scale oil paintings. So, I returned to the basics: pencil and paper.

   By studying the mechanics of both antique watches and pocket watches, I subconsciously tried to find control.  Unfortunately, just as the mechanics of my collection of watches failed, so did my body. The auto-immune disease took over completely.  At the peak of my disease art vanished. I struggled just to make it through each day.  Very slowly, through much trial and error, my doctors and I started taking back my life. 

   It was not until I started drawing again that I truly began to heal both mentally and emotionally. Through studying both antique watches and pocket watches, I have realized that I cannot control my life or health just as I cannot control time. This series has allowed me to breathe new life into broken watches and to continue the healing process.

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